• 2024/02/07
    電気飛行機の開発・製造する「Cosmic Aerospace」へ出資しました

    当社は、運営するSamurai Incubate Fund 7号投資事業有限責任組合より、Cosmic Aerospace株式会社へ出資しましたのでお知らせいたします。


    【About Cosmic Aerospace】

    Cosmic Aerospace is an electric aviation startup building the future of zero-carbon air travel. Founded by alums of Boom Supersonic, NASA, Oxford, and Kittyhawk, Cosmic is designing technologically advanced and highly efficient aircraft and engines specifically for electrifying air travel. With a small team and backing from leading global VCs, Cosmic has built and tested a full-scale electric jet engine from the ground up and is continuing on its rapid development pathway towards a flying demonstrator in 2026.